Understanding His-Story is planned to be a Bible based Christian magazine just for kids.  It’s full of colorful stories, puzzles, games and so much more.  But the primary theme will be to inspire children with the stories of God, the stories of the Bible, in a rich, vibrant and exciting way.

(If you have seen Highlights Magazine, this is intended to have some similar designs, but with a Biblical Christian theme).

We are seeking authors and artists who have a passion to tell the story of Jesus to kids of all ages.  We need Christian-based fictional stories, vibrant stories directly from the Bible, series stories and more.  We also need puzzle makers, hidden picture artists, story artists, cartoon makers, craft designers, and more.

In trade for your story or art you will be given credit links after your contribution, space on the library page of the print magazine plus links to your own profile page with unlimited links, pictures, and more.  In addition, for author contributions, you will be provided a space on our virtual bookshelf for any/all of your own publications, complete with links to your website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon page, etc.  We can also make arrangements to place your book or products in our online store.

People often ask if Understanding His-Story will be print or digital.  The answer is that the magazine is a hybrid blend of both.  The print will merge alongside the digital magazine.  All subscribers will receive the printed magazine and will be motivated to open the Understanding His-Story website to enjoy the best of both.  This will be a new and exciting experience for youth and adult alike.

Most articles will be no more than 1000 words, however there could be some exceptions. 1000 words with accompanying artwork comfortably fills a two-page spread. We may consider articles up to 2000 words or more under special circumstances or for headline articles. Short stories, as little as a few hundred words with art are also acceptable.

All contributions, writing, art, etc, will be edited by the staff of UHS and we reserve the right of final approval.  All edits will be approved by the author before publishing.


All contributions must be Christian faith based.  It doesn’t have to be specifically Bible based, but the moral or theme of the story must be based on wholesome, Christian, Godly lives.  These are to be written as complete stories, not bait to other publications.  However, as an author you will be given a separate page on the website to write anything you want to draw your audience to your personal work.

Bible Story Writers:

You are the most integral and important reason this magazine exists.  We need writers who can bring the stories of the Bible alive in a fresh, vibrant and exciting way.  No story, no matter how well written, is more important than the story of Jesus.  You can write about creation, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, and more.  All of those stories are stories about our God.  If you have the talent to tie the stories of our ancient ancestors to the story of Jesus, all the better.  These are not to be “watered-down” or “dumbed down” children’s stories, but stories that will come to life in the eyes of children and adults alike.  Are you that author?

Series Writers:

If you are able to contribute a monthly series, you will be valued authors.  To create a series, each section should end with a cliff-hanger, or some discovery that causes the reader to thirst for the next edition.

A series should be a minimum of two articles (prefer more).  We would very much like to find an author capable and willing to submit up to twelve sections of a series.

Submissions for a series should be submitted as a whole.  In other words, if you submit a six-part series, you need to submit all six sections before any are published.


All art will be subject to the approval and editing of the UHS staff, just like writers.

Our Biblical Beliefs:

We hesitate to put into writing our entire Biblical and doctrinal beliefs.  Suffice to say, our Judeo-Christian values would be the main-line, historical understanding of scripture.

For example, we hold to the belief of a seven-day creation.  If you write something that makes reference to “millions of years” we will return it for additional editing.

We will be using the WEB version of the Bible primarily because it is an open source that has no legal limits on publishing use.  We will also allow you to submit your writing with quotes from the KJV.


The goal of the staff at UHS is to compile and layout all the necessary components for one year of publications before publishing and distributing our first magazine.  That puts our timeline into late 2020 or early 2021.  If contributions come quickly that timeline could be moved up.  We are excited about the magazine and have a passion to tell the story of Jesus in a new and exciting way.

Our needs:

We’re small and have limited abilities.  We need to rely on you, the contributors, for much of our content.

We desperately need prayer.  This project could be halted for a variety of reasons, but we believe that God has encouraged us to walk out in faith and bring the old, old story of the Gospel of Jesus to this generation in a fresh new way.

We need to be sustained financially.  We’re confident that God will open the necessary doors.  If you have the ability, you share in the love of our Lord and a love for the youth that will be impacted by this magazine, then we ask you to consider contributing to this project.

Lastly, we are open to suggestions, printshops, logistics, and much more.  Our staff has the tools necessary to do professional work with layout and design, but we are well aware that God may have additional professionals that are willing to offer help also. We live in a day where so much can be accomplished online working cooperatively across the globe.  Please send an email if you have a skill or asset that will help with our project.


Primary contact is Dave Rush, author, speaker and publisher of several teen / youth books.

What do you have to offer?